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MT9000 Bond & Loop Resistance Tester


A datasheet is available for download.


The MT9000 is a portable multifunctional bond, loop and surface resistance measurement unit. A number of network connectivity options allow the MT9000 to download test specifications and drawings and upload test results. This provides an authenticated auditable data trail and a subsequent reduction in test times by a factor of 6.


The MT9000 can measure bond resistance, loop resistance, high impedance and antistatic coating resistance and can operate in a stand alone multimeter mode capable of detecting loop faults, general measurements of resistance and AC and DC voltage measurement.


The MT9000 allows the operator to log on to a database which means that the operator no longer has to manually input and verify the test results, thus saving time and eliminating error. The MT9000 is battery operated and uses the latest Li-ion smart battery technology.


The MT9000 is capable of automatically measuring metal to metal bond resistances using a traditional 4-wire Kelvin technique. In this mode the MT9000 measures resistance with a resolution of 1µΩ and a repeatability of 10µΩ up to a maximum of 2Ω with a test current of 2 Amp.


The MT9000 can also measure Bond Loop resistance using a non contact technique to the same measurement specification using an induced current

of 1A.


In short, the MT9000 significantly increases test productivity and measurement accuracy, and totally eliminates errors in the recording of results. The system is currently used by Airbus on military and civilian wing production lines, Bombardier, Boeing and Fokker.

Product Specifications


Bond Resistance 0-2Ω
Loop Resistance 0-200mΩ
Antistatic Resistance 0-1MΩ
High Z 1kΩ-50MΩ
Max. Resolution 1µΩ
Battery Li-ion 7000mAhr
Communications Wired Ethernet
Wireless Ethernet
Storage >15GB Solid State Drive
Endurance 6 hours (typical work cycle)
Facility to hot swap batteries

MT9000 Unit

Loop Probes

Bond Probes

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