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Product Range



The MT9000 is a portable multifunctional Bond & Loop resistance measurement unit. The unit when connected to a central database using a wireless or wired network allows the MT9000 to download test specifications and drawings and upload test results. This provides an authenticated and auditable data trail and a reduction in test times by a factor of 6.



The MM10 records the fastener head deviation from the aerostructure skin surface and performs statistical and mathematical calculations on the resulting data. The information is used to adjust the settings on riveting equipment and can be downloaded for quality assurance purposes.


Drill Alignment System


One of the most time consuming activities in aerostructure manufacture and repair is the location of buried fastener holes and the subsequent alignment and drilling of the corresponding hole in the aircraft skin.


We produce a range of drill alignment systems ranging from units which secure themselves to the surface securely enough to hold an ADU down to the compact Atom unit, which can be held in a single hand for spot drilling in challenging locations. The range gives the most accurate, smallest and lightest products on the market for this purpose, and unlike other units are not affected by modest static magnetic fields caused by, for example, magnetisation of the jig.